Stepping Stones and Stepping Up Themes image: showing examples of themes such as: Health and wellness; Strong, supportive friends and families; etc.

Stepping Stones, Stepping Up

In 2012, the Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services released Stepping Stones: A Resource on Youth Development. This resource builds upon a series of 13 research papers examining aspects of youth development from 12-25 years. However, most of these resource papers are limited to a developmental psychology approach. Developmental maps describe key developmental events for youth from early to late adolescence and into early adulthood. These maps include tips for practitioners for supporting youth in each stage.

Stepping Up: A Strategic Framework to Help Ontario’s Youth to Succeed released by the Ministry of Child and Youth Services in 2013 identifies 20 evidence-based outcomes and indicators across seven themes that are important to enhancing young people’s well-being. These indicators are limited to existing data collected in Ontario.

The seven outcome themes are:

  1. Health and wellness;
  2. Strong, supportive friends and families;
  3. Education, training, and apprenticeships;
  4. Employment and entrepreneurship;
  5. Diversity, social inclusion, and safety;
  6. Civic engagement and youth leadership; and
  7. Coordinated and youth-friendly communities.

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The Stepping Up framework also has seven guiding principles:

  1. A positive asset-based view of youth;
  2. Targeted support for those who need it;
  3. Collaboration and partnership;
  4. Meaningful youth engagement and leadership;
  5. Diversity;
  6. Evidence-informed choices; and
  7. Transparency.

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