Roots of violence image: showing roots including poverty, health issues, etc

Roots of Youth Violence

The Roots of Youth Violence report outlines the societal conditions that are root causes of violence involving youth. This report identifies key barriers to thriving including poverty, racism, inaccessible and inadequate community design, failures of the education and justice systems, health issues, family issues, a lack of youth voice, and a lack of economic opportunity.

The Roots of Youth Violence report recommends that youth engagement is a key part of the strategy to improve the social context, with a focus on skill-building, a sense of belonging with at least one adult who provides nurturing and support, and youth voice in matters that affect them. These recommendations are directly reflected in Youth Who Thrive.

Based on existing research, this report wasn`t able to answer questions about how youth programs can help to change the social conditions that are at the roots of violence. This is an area that, as a sector, we’ll have to continue to explore if we’re going to support youth in all the ways they need.